Best Blair Waldorf quotes

Hello gg lovers (present and future ones) 🙂 It’s been a while since my last post related to my fave seria ever, you can check it here, so I decided to do another one. As you can tell by the title, today’s whole post will be dedicated to one and only queen B. She is hands down, my favorite character. Why? Ambitious, funny, very smart and bluntly,  not yet confident woman, doing social upclimbing, while struggling with love and family issues. Sometimes jealous and prickly, a bit mean and cheaty. But, over all Blair Waldorf is not mean, she is just insecure in herself, but let’s be honest, that’s why the show is interesting. And not to forget, she is fashion icon. There’s a reason (really good one) for the famous saying: ‘What would Blair Waldorf do?’ 🙂

large (16)


These are some of my favorite BW quotes to live by 🙂


large (14)

My no.1 inspirational/motivational quote when it comes to working and achieving my goals. I used to make plans for the future, and just imagine my perfect life. But will it be like that? Maybe, I don’t know. That’s why I started working, it’s not always my best work, but still it’s progress. Our queen B said it a little harsh, but you can not deny it.

large (15).jpg

Along with the first one… It’s really important to be persistent and to give up at first difficulty. This doesn’t mean to behave badly and to succeed by ruining others. Just a reminder to never lose hope. 🙂


I think this one speaks for itself. My comments are not needed 🙂

large (20)

And if someone refuses to come, I’m gonna find him a replacement. This one is confidence level-up.


Don’t let other people control you and tell you what you can and what not. That doesn’t mean to stop listening their advice and suggestions, but you need to be confident and aware of who you are. 🙂

Zdravo gg fanovi (sadašnji i budući)  🙂 Prošlo je dosta vremena od  prethodnog posta vezanog za moju omiljenu seriju ( verovatno mnogi znaju koja je), možete ga pogledati ovde, tako da je pravo vreme za još jedan. Današnji post biće posvećen jednoj jedinoj, Blair Waldorf. Our queen B. Ambiciozna, veoma pametna i oštorumna, smešna devojka koja pokušava da ostvari svoje ciljeve i da zavlada Menhetnom , dok se muči sa ljubavnim i porodičnim problemima. Ponekad ljubomorna i zajedljiva, bez igrica i podvala ne može, osveti ne može da odoli. 🙂 Nije ona zli negativac, samo je malo nesigurna u sebe. Lik koji čini seriju zanimljivom i napetom. I da ne zaboravim, modna ikona. S razlogom postoji čuvena izreka:

large (23)

Za ovaj deo posta sam izabrala izreke koje su tipične za njen karakter, gore možete pogledati to live by izreke  🙂



large (10)

Direktno, bolno, ali ponekad mora i tako.


Šta drugo očekivati od Bler?  🙂

large (24).jpg

Iz ovoga se može izvući i pouka.


Zna se šta su prioriteti  🙂


  1. I love these! (Sorry I’m a little late) – I just wrote an article about the lies that Blair Waldorf told me but obviously I still worship her. I want to hang these up on my wall!


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