Paper Towns: Book and movie review

Hello everyone! Today I have a bit different post than usual. I recently read Paper Towns by John Green and I watched movie as well (I know I’m so 2015), so I wanted to share my thoughts with you! I assume that most of you have already heard of this book, since is published last year , but I read it few weeks ago and I fell in love with it. The journey of Margo and Quentin was extraordinary for them, but for me as well. It kinda made look on some things differently. I hope you’ll enjoy reading my post and maybe get inspired to read and watch Paper Towns too! 🙂



When it comes to literary works that are also made in a form of movie, a have my own golden rule which is ‘Always read first’. Maybe is just me, but I always read a book before I watch a movie and trust me, when it comes to Paper Towns is better that way. Book and movie are very different. Obviously, the plot/story is same, but some bigger details are missing in the movie. Book is about his journey, unconditional love for Margo and overall his thoughts and ways to find her. While movie has the basic plot, but the accent is on his friendships, finishing high school and closing one chapter of his life and starting a new one. I don’t to compare book and movie, simply because I liked both replics and they are uncompareable.

Book review

Plot summary

Quentin spent his whole life looking Margo Rot Spigleman from distance. He was kinda quite guy who cared about his grades and getting into the college he always wanted. He had friends, but their grupe wasn’t popular, a mean they weren’t outsiders, but he didn’t belong to Margo’s lifestyle either. On the other hand, Margo was something special. Her life was series of epic adventures. The way she lived is something you can’t describe. She always wanted to run away and explore, Orlando was never good enough for her, or any place in the world. The only way she could be happy in further life was by wandering and trying to find herself on that road. The action begins when she shows up on his window and takes him to unbelievable adventure. Quentin is so happy and assured they connection is going to change, doesn’t expect that she is leaving. But, that’s not the end of action. Again, Margo is a new word of a very special category of people, she left him a little clues.Will he find her? Yes, he will. But, the journey is more interesting and important than the moment we’re asking ourselves ‘Will he find her?’ or ‘Where is she?’… But, before she left they spent a night together. That night changed Quentin. Margo planned  ‘revenge plot’ for people who betrayed her and Quentin helped her. From breaking into the houses and even Sea World (amusement park), through shaving a brow to their enemie. They also broke into some building, and from there was a view to whole Orlando. Quentin was amazed, but Margo said a sentence, that’s one of my faves:

It’s a paper town, paper houses and paper people. Everything is uglier up close.

And, she was right. How many times I thought something was beautiful and perfect, but when I saw the reality everything was different. Same with the people. Some of them are not what they seem to be. If you don’t look inside correctly, you might get burnt.

And before I share my other fave quotes with you, I want to discuss a bit more about characters. 🙂

Quentin is quiet guy, living simple ordinary life. As he said, his life is kinda boring, but he loves boring. No cutting classes, parties or any other crazy high school stuff. And that way, he never fitted into Margo’s company and lifestyle. No, he wasn’t a complete outsider, he had friends. But, Margo changed him. He became brave. To find her, Quentin went on road trip with Radar and Ben, his 2 best friend and Lacey.  She gave him the opportunity to explore the world and discover himself, which leads me to my next fave quote…



But Margo wasn’t exactly what Quentin and everybody thought she was. Everyone thought she’s perfect and that her life was so incredible and adventurous, but she was broken inside and no one could notice that. That was the reason she was always leaving.The only way to have happy life is to travel and discover all the time. One place can’t hold her.

large (11)


Destination where they all met was little paper town Agloe. Margo’s reaction was pretty special and a bit confusing. She was really rude to Lacey and kinda careless.They came all the way for to take her home, but she refused. At least Quentin got his answers. And I’m not going to spoil them, ’cause it is something really special. They could go and be together, but that would mean sacrifing themselves. Their personality and lifestyles. Margo could never live in way of Quentin and opposite. Most of people say that the ending is sad, I don’t think is sad, it’s just real. And those are basically my thoughts about the book, now my impressions of movie 🙂

Movie review

As I already said, plot is basically the same, but are a bit bigger differences. The accent in my opinion is more on friendship and overall closing one period of life, aka finishing high school, enrolling college and starting your own life.

Differences between book and movie

The one I spotted first is not really important, but I don’t know why I want to incoorporate it. There are 11 stages of revenge plot in book and 9 in the movie. Not so important? Okay, I’ll move on…

The thing I don’t really like in the book is too much details about their road, it’s just taking too long. On the opposite I feel like some scenes in the movie are not long enough and the atmosphere is not the same. In the book, Quentin is so blinded with Margo so he is going multiple times, even by himself to explore the possible areas. He even missed his prom night because of her.

I can’t compare movie and book. I really liked the movie because of those ‘ending scenes’ which reminded me of last year, which was enrolling high school and saying goodbye to that period of life. My fave part was when their realised that everything they’re doing is for the last time. I experienced the same thing. Who would say that now I’m missing all of the I hated during the school, even they are memories. 🙂 Road trip was really nice scened and opposite to book it wasn’t everything about Margo.

Also, I really liked the ending. He met Margo and after a conversation in local caffee, they agreed that both of them should live in their ways. The difference is too big and they don’t want to compromise. That is reality. I just love how movie and novel are unrealy real. (that doesn’t really make sence, but I hope you got my point 🙂 )

When he finds her, Quentin finally realises that Margo from his head and real one are completly different. He meets broken Margo.

large (19)

And she is giving him an answer. What and why. But, she also giving us more amazing quotes to live by. 🙂 That part has pretty much the same effect like in a book.



After saying goodbye to her, he made it to prom night and had a wonderful time with his friends. Quentin realised that they are his miracle, not Margo.


What does ‘paper towns’ mean?

It is a bit confusing, but this expression is real, as author says himself:

“A paper town is a fake town created by map makers to protect their copyright.Map makers put fake towns, fake towns and fake bridges in their maps, so if they see those same fake places in someone else’s map, they know that they’ve been robbed.” -John Green

More or less those are basically my thoughts and impressions about this masterpiece! Overall I loved it,
it made me realize a lot of things happening around me and I discovred bunch of new quotes. It took me on a summer adventure and I enjoyed finding Margo and discovering Quentin. 🙂 The only I don’t like is too much trip details in novel.

Let me know if you read the book or watched the movie and share your thoughts with me down bellow!

Zdravo svima! Današnji post je nešto inovativno na mom blogu. Uh, malo birokratski rečeno… Skoro sam pročitala ‘Gradove na papiru’ od Džona Grina, a posle pogledala i film (znam, to je tako 2015. 🙂 ) , stoga sam želela da podelim moje utiske sa vama i uradim mali ‘review’. No, moram da naglasim da ja ta klasična pravila za pisanje recenzija ne znam, stoga možda nekima bude čudno. 🙂 Pretpostavljam da su mnogi čuli za ovu knjigu i film jer su objavljeni prošle godine. Ja sam je/ga pročitala/pogledala pre nekoliko nedelja i moram priznati da sam oduševljena. Putovanje Kventina i Margo bilo je neverovatno za njih, ali i za mene. Nije mi sad drastično promenilo poglede na život, ali mi je otvorilo neka nova razmišljanja. 🙂 Nadam se da će vam se dopasti ovaj post i možda inspirisati da pročitate knjigu i pogledate film. 🙂



Kada su u pitanju dela koja su ‘dvojako odradjena’ ( moj izraz za ovu situaciju), uvek primenjujem svoje zlartno pravilo: ‘Prvo pročitati knjigu’. Postoje 3 prosta razloga zašto lakše, šire i lepše. Knjiga vam omogući fin uvod i predstavu o radnji i dogadjajima, a ne upropasti užitak gledanja filma.Kada je u pitanju ovo delo, knjiga i film se dosta razlikuju. Osnova je naravno, ista, ali mnogi detalji se razilikuju. Knjiga više govori o njihovom putovanju, Kventinovoj bezuslovnoj ljubavi prema Margo i njegovim razmišljanjima i načinima da je pronaje. U filmu, akcenat je stavljen na prijateljstvo, završavanje srednje škole i kraj jednog, a početak drugog poglavlja u Kventinovom životu.



Kventin je čitav proveo posmatrajući Margo Rot Spiglmen iz daleka. Stidljiv i povučen, većinu vremema provodio je učeći i planirajući kako da upiše fakultet koji je oduvek želeo. Ne, on nije bio autsajder, jadnik i slično. Imao je prijatelje, ali oni se nisu uklapali u njeno društvo i stil života. Margo je bila posebna. Njen život bila je serija neverovatno uzbudljivih avantura. Mrzela je prosečan, običan način života, a Orlando nikada nije bio dovoljno dobar za nju. Stalno je imala potrebu da odlazi negde na neobična mesta i istražuje. Adrenalin je nju činio srećnom. Jednini način za nju da živi srećno i ispunjeno jeste da neprestano luta i otkriva sebe na tom putu. Akcija počinje kada mu se jedne noći pojavi na prozoru i povede ga u nezaboravnu avanturu. Naime, ispalnirala je osvetniču akciju protiv ljudi koji su je izdali. Od provaljivanja u kuce, zamotavanja auta folijom, brijanja obrve zajedničkom neprijatelju do provaljivanja u Sea World (zabavni park u Americi. Prilično novo iskustvo za Kventina, ha? Nekako su se našli i na poslednjem spratu neke zgrade, odakle im se pružao pogled na ceo Orlando. Kventin je bio oduševljen, a Margo je izgovorila meni mnogo dragu rečenicu:

 Ovo je grad od papira. Kuce od papira, ljudi od papira. Izbliza je sve ruznije.

Malo grdno zvuci kad se prevede, ali Margo je sasvim u pravu. Koliko sam samo puta mislila da je nešto predivno i savršeno, dok se nisam približila i spoznala realnost. Isto i sa ljudima. Neki od njih nisu ono što izgledaju. Iako mislimo da smo im dovoljno blizu, ispostavi se da smo daleko, jer je realnost ružna. Nakon te noći jako je srećan i uveren da će stvari biti drugačije i da će mu Margo sada posvetiti više pažnje. Ali, ona odlazi. Medjutim Margo je nova reč za vrlo posebnu grupu ljudi. Ostavlja mu male skrivene tragove koji ga ukoliko ih pravilno protumači, mogu odvesti ka njoj. Hoće li je pronaći? Da, hoće. Ali put koji proći mnogo je značajniji i zanimljiviji.


Pre nego što nastavim sa radnjom i olmjenim quotes-ima, volela bih prodiskutovati malo o likovima. 🙂

large (13)

Kventin je, kao što sam već pomenula, tih i miran dečko. Kako i sam kaže njegov život je dosadan, ali on voli dosadno.  Žurke, bežanje s časova i ostale srednjoškolske ludorije su za njega strani pojmovi. Takav se nikada nije uklapao u njeno drustvo. Ali, Margo ga je promenila. Postao je hrabriji, iskusio je rizik. Da je pronadje, išao je na put dug preko 1000km sa svoja 2 najbolja prijatelja Benom i Radarom, kao i Lejsi. Margo mu je dala mogućnost da istraži svet i otkrije sebe.

Ali Margo nije bila onakva kakvom su je drugi smatrali. Svi su oduvek mislili da je njen život samo avantura, a ona neustrašiva. Medjutim, Margo je bila u problemu, a to niko nije primećivao. To je razlog zašto je stalno odlazila, da bi pokušala pa pronadje sebe. Jedno mesto nije je privlačilo.

large (18)


Mesto u kojem su se našli je malo naselje Ejglo.Njena reakcija bila je vrlo zbunjujuća i razočaravajuća. Bila je vrlo nemarna i nepristojna prema Lejsi. Odbijala je da se vrati nazad sa njima, ali Kventin je bar dobio svoje odgovore.Ne, neću vam otkriti koje jer daj deo je vrlo poseban i ne želim da vam dajem spojlere. Oni su mogli otići zajedno, ali to bi značilo da moraju žrtvovati svoju ličnost i način života. Margo nikada ne bi mogla biti poput Kventina, a stalno lutanje nije baš priličilo Kventinu. Niko nije želeo da izgubi sebe zarad nesigurne ljubavi. Neki kažu da im je kraj tužan. Ja ne mislim da je tužan, samo realan.

To su otprilike moji utisci o knjizi. Mnogi kažu da je ona književni nedovršena i strukturno nije na zavidnom nivou, kao i da je malo lošija u odnosu na druga Džonova dela. Meni se iskreno jako dopala, uspela da sam da pronadjem suštinu   i saznam ponešto novo. 🙂

Utsici o filmu

Različitosti knjige i filma

Prva je stvar koju sam ja primetila i nije od velikog značaja, ali osećam neku potrebu da je ipak ubacim. U knjizi njen osvetnički plan se sastojao iz 11 etapa, što znači 11 doživljaja, a na filmu ih je bilo samo 9. Ne toliko bitno? Okej, idemo dalje…

Jedino što mi se ne dopada u knjizi jeste previše detalja oko puta, znaju biti zamorni i čitanje se oduži. S druge strane, neke scene u filmu su brzinski odradjene, kratko traju pa atmosfera nije ista kao u knjizi.U knjizi Kventin je toliko zaslepljen Margo, pa neprestano odlazi da istražuje zgradu u kojoj je ona provela neko vreme i naravno ostavila sitne, zagonetne tragove.  Propušta i matursko veče zbog nje i umesto sa prijateljima, provodi ga u toj zgradi razmišljajući o njoj. Medjutim, u filmu se stvari odvijaju na skroz drugačiji način.
Ono što mi se dopalo u filmu jesu ‘scene žavršetaka i početaka’, jer su me podsetile na period kada sam završavala osnovnu i upisivala srednju. Sve što se tad dogadjalo bilo je po poslednji put. Pogotovo mi se dopao taj deo kada govore kako će im nedostajati i stvari koje su najviše mrzeli. Istina. Ko bi rekao i to su uspomene. Dok se prisećam i testova iz matematike koji mi sigurno nisu bili dragi, smejem se. Takodje, scene puta su bile zanimljivije u odosu na knjigu i tu nije sve bilo o Margo.

Kraj mi se isto jako dopao. Kada su se sreli, razgovarali su u kafiću (koji btw, jako tumblr) i Kventinu su konačno stvari bile jasnije. Shvatili su da je zajednički život nemoguć, a nisu želeli da naprave kompromis, jer su razlike prevelike. Svako je krenuo svojim putem. Tada je Kventin upoznao pravu Margo, ona iz njegove glave je nestala. Shvatio je da je ona, kao i svi, obična devojka, a ne čudo.




Nakon što se oprostio sa njom, uspeo je da stigne na matursko veče, a njegovi prijatelji su ga čekali. Shvatio je da Margo nije njegovo čudo, oni su 🙂




Značenje izraza ‘gradovi na papiru’

Malo čudno i zbunjujuće, ali kako autor sam kaže ovaj izraz ima značenje. Naime, kartografi ucrtavaju lažne gradove, ulice i zgrade i to im je neka vrsta zaštite autorskih prava. Ukolko bi pronašli još neku kartu sa tim gradom, znaju da je lažna.

I to je otprilike to! Sve u svemu, zadovoljna sam i knjigom i filmom. Uprkos mnogim negativnim komentarima, ja sam uživala otkrivajući Margo i Kventina. Simpatična letnja priča. 🙂

Ukoliko ste procitali knjigu ili pogledali film, podelite vase misljenje u komentarima. Volela bih da čujem vaše utiske. 🙂




  1. Definitivno sebe mogu nazvati najvecim fanom Gradova na papiru na Balkanu. Ja sam postala opsednuta toliko jos prosle godine i procitala sam od tada knjigu cak 4 puta a o filmu da ne govorim. Ja sam se toliko povezala sa Margo da to nije normalno. I stvarno je knjiga dosta bolja jer se u filmu pojavljuje samor radnja, a u knjizi ima i tih nekih stvarno prenesenih osecanja. Stvarno te knjiga natera da stanes na trenutak i razmislis o svemu sto radis. Stvarno hvala ti zbog ovog prelpog posta. Svaki put kad cujem da neko prica nesto prelepo o mojoj miljenoj prici ja se odusevim. Zbog toga sam te odmah zapratila.☺

    A ti ako hoces pogledaj i moj blog i uclani se.☺

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bolji komentar nisam mogla dobiti, pogotovo jer na sve strane slusam kako je film glup, a knjiga navodno nije dovoljno ‘duboka’. Nikada se nisam slagala sa tim, a konacno nisam sama. Hvala ti jos jednom na predivnom komentaru 💟


    • Meni se dopada, pogotovo kraj. U svim ostalim filmovima oni bi nekako nasli nacin da budu zajedno, ali u ovom nisu. Ja to dozivljavam kao realnost 🙂 Ali, za to i sluze knjige i filmovi, da ih svako drugacije dozivi 🙂


  2. Great review 🙂 this definitely sounds like and book I’ll have to read and I totally agree about watching the film after you’ve read the book. There are always so many more details in a book that just haven’t made it into the film x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You are so not behind! I still haven’t read the book or watched the movie yet! I have the book, but never got around to reading it. I do know how it is and what it’s about so don’t worry, reading your post did not spoil it for me haha
    great review! I definitely like the idea of paper towns, and how the story is basically a way for the characters to discover themselves and learn more and grow. Rather than simply being a love story.

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

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