Vienna Travel Diary

Guten tag, meine liebe! Few weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit Vienna, one of the most popular cities in Europe. I love Austria, it’s place I can never get enough of, so when I heard that I’m going to visit Vienna, I was really exited. And since I still have a bunch of impressions, I decided to share them on my blog. I hope you’ll like them, and I don’t know maybe, hopefully get inspired to visit Vienna. 🙂



I feel this trip was different than my other ones. It was really easy going and everything was happening so spontaneously, even shopping. For the first time, I was more interesting in seeing beautiful buildings with the breathtaking architecture, that rushing into some stores and spending the day inside. Of course, I spent some shopping too, I mean, come on, Vienna has one of the best shopping programs on planet! But, that wasn’t my main goal. 🙂



My biggest impression is the city itself. Beautiful architecture, clean streets, kind people and a great variety of activities. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see and visit everything, but I hope I’ll get the opportunity soon. Now, we didn’t have a tourist guide so don’t get surprised when you see photos of stranded streets instead of Belvedere or Schönbrunn Palace. As much as would love to visit those kind of places, I have to admit that I loved the fact we don’t necessary have to. This way I had the chance to explore, discover and enjoy in all of that. I got lost a few times, but that’s how you create adventures and memories. Searching for the monuments and places on google maps, then going round and round exhausted not even realizing that’s right on the corner. Here’s the result of all the wandering. 🙂





Now, that you’ve meet unexplored parts of Vienna let’s focus on center and those tourist attractions. In the middle of city center, Stephenplatz to be precise, there’s a huge cathedral dedicated to St. Stephen.  I was so fascinated when I first saw it. It truly is beautiful, all the details and everything is so breathtaking. Really, really inspiring and remarkable. In that part of center everything is so beautiful and unusual. Plane building is something that you won’t see.



Another place I was charmed by is Hofburg. In that area you can find bunch of museums and get a look of what was life of people back there. Conclusion: They enjoyed a lot!  🙂




I saved the best for the last. As I already said it took us a lot of walking and searching, but it was totally worth it. Parliament was something I was most fascinated by, it was something that inspired me the most and I can’t describe how beautiful it is. It made love and care about architecture. All those details, that people took time to make and create.Breathtaking. Something that you must, but truly must visit!




Shop til’ you drop

I know, I know I said shopping wasn’t my priority, but come on, Vienna is just perfect organized for shopping! From outlets, malls to perfectly made streets which take your shopping experience to next level. You can find literally everything you want. Maria Hilfer strasse is one of the most popular shopping streets. From designer stores to F21, Brandy Melville, Pimky… I found a Naked flushed palette from UD which I was looking for so long!


Like everywhere in the world, there are some specialties ‘born’ in Vienna. Unfortunately, I only tried their famous sausages called ‘Kasekrainer’, and they taste like everything good in life. 🙂 I really wanted to try the original Saher cake, but the line in ‘Saher hotel’ was too long and my patience wasn’t really high those days. 😦 Also, we found an amazing restaurant called L’Osteria. Food is so delicious and prices aren’t that high. And, the interior is so pretty! 🙂 I highly recommend pastas and pizza. Another thing I became addicted to was an ice cream in gelateria called Zanoni&Zanoni. Eating Italian ice cream in the middle of Vienna, why not?


Overall I loved Vienna! It became one of my favorite cities, it truly is beautiful and I absolutely fell in love with it! 🙂 I hope you enjoyed reading my post, if you have any other questions, let me know in the comments! 🙂

Guten tag, meine liebe! Pre nekoliko nedelja konačno sam posetila dugo željenu prestonicu Austrije, Beč. Inače, ja mnogo volim Austriju, ali nikada dosada nisam imala priliku da posetim taj čuveni Beč. Stoga, kada sam čula da će se na mojoj ‘Places to visit’ listi naći još jedan prectran grad, bila sam neizmerno srećna i uzbuđena. Moji utisci se još uvek nisu  u potpunosti slegli, stoga sam odlučila da ih podelim sa vama. Nadam se sa će vam se dopasti Beč koliko i meni i da ćete uživati čitajući moj mali dnevnik putovanja.  🙂


Moj najveći utisak je grad sam po sebi. Predivna arhitektura, čista okolina ( bez pasa lutalica na ulici, ipak je to važno napomenuti), mnoštvo turista i veliki izbor aktivnosti. Nažalost, ja nisam imala mogućnost da vidim sve delove Beča i znamenitosti, jer grad je zaista veliki, a dana je uvek malo. Takodje, nismo imali ni turističkog vodiča, stoga se nemojte začuditi kada budete videli neprikazane i neistražene delove grada, umesto Šembruna i Belvedere dvorca. Koliko god sam imala jaku želju da vidim sve znamenitosti Beča, moram priznati da sam bila jako srećna što je ovo putovanje bilo drugačije i što sam osetila duh Beča na drugačiji način.  🙂 A, evo i rezultata tog lutanja…




Sada kada ste videli i nesvakidašnje delove Beča, red je da se osvrnemo i čuvene turističke atrakcije. U samom jezgru centra, nalazi se ogromna čuvena katedrala Sv. Stefana na istoimenom trgu. Kada sam je prvi put videla,  malo je reci da sam ostala bez teksta. Svi ti detalji iza kojih se krije trud i posvecenost zaista deluju inspirativno. 🙂 Ubrzo, to mi je postao najlepši i omiljeni deo centra.  🙂




Pored Hofburg-a i zgrade parlamenta koju sam vam vec predstavila, mesto koje me je takodje ocaralo jeste njihov univerzitet.




Univerzitet je zaista ogroman, stoga nisam mogla da vam prikažem baš sve delove.


Iako mi ovog puta šoping nije bio prioritet, nisam mogla odoleti a da nešto ne kupim i ‘overim’ radnje. Beč je zaista sjajno organizovan kada je u pitanju šoping, od raznih outleta, preko tržnih centara do divno ukrašenih radnji na svakom ćošku. Maria Hilfer stasse je najpopularnija šoping zona i tu bukvalno možete pronaći sve. Od dizajnerskih radnji do prodavnica poput Forever 21, Zare, H&M i drugih. Što se tiče kozmetike, takodje veliki izbor proizvoda možete naći u Douglas-u  i Maronnaud-u.

All those details…






  1. The photos are so gorgeous!!! I definitely want to visit Vienna one day. I really want to go to Italy so badly, especially after learning about all the gorgeous architecture and history and culture from my classes at university. Even though I’m not religious, I still want to visit the churches and stuff because if they look spectacular in pictures I bet they would look even better in person! Thanks for sharing!

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have never visited Vienna or Austria for that matter but I hope to one day as it looks amazing! I am a complete shopaholic so the shopping side of it looks great for me and the food sounds really yummy too 🙂 I’m glad you had such a wonderful trip 🙂 x


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