Street style: Gigi Hadid

Hello everyone! So, for today’s post I decided to do something that’s been on my mind for so long and I was debating if I should start this new series on my blog or not, but I finally made a decision. Let’s try it out!

Since I’m huge fan of the street style and I love looking photos of celebrities setting up new trends and stepping the game up, I had an idea, as I said in the beginng to do posts related to street style. I know this is not my original content and I’m not trying to be like: ‘Oh, I made this up’. There’s a million sites doing similar things, but anyways I wanted to share it from my perspective.

Basically, in each post I’m going to pick a celebrity, talk about their street style and maybe get inspired and recreate some of their looks. I hope you’ll like this new series and if not, let me know by writing in comments below.

To start this off, I chose the queen of street style aka Gigi Hadid. I know some of you probably think that everything connected to her is a bit overhyped (which is, in my opinion, partially true), but I have to admit I love her bubbly personality and I absolutely adore her style. Not only that she kills whenever she shows up on red carpet, but Gigi rules when it comes to street style too.


What I love about her style is that is not too extravagant, it’s quite usual, but still not boring and plain. Whatever she wears she rocks it! Also, I feel her style is the closest to our everyday life and you can easily get inspired and recreate it to your liking.

Now, here are some of my faves. 🙂

Keep it casual

Literally, this screams BASIC, but at the same time it’s so stylish. Bomber, stripped T-shirt and white adidas are a perfect go-to combination. Her name on the jacket is a great detail, which makes this outfit special, unique and a bit different than just a regular plain bomber. Now, I know, not all of us can afford personalized and specially designed items. But, you can always add your personal touch by adding stickers, badges or if you’re into crafting, you can use fabric paint and write it yourself. Overall, I personally, love this outfit, because it’s simple yet stylish at the same time.



Let me edge

Despite last few examples which were everyday casuals and soft themed outfits, this is something completely different. Gigi is not afraid and she often shows her edgy side combining black leather pants and coat with bae’s Tee (so adorable!). She tops everything off with classic aviator Ray Ban’s and simple black leather backpack.  The thing is, Gigi has big style transformations on daily bases, but somehow she manages to absolutely slay in every single of them.


Tommy girl vibes

Another style change. From basic, through edgy to girly vibes again. In an all Tommy Hilfiger outfit, Gigi shows her cute bubbly girly side here. You don’t have to necessary wear pink and pastels to look girly. Also, what makes this outfit pop even more is her hairstyle, which softens classic vibes that TH brand has and makes this ouftit more fun. High-knee boots and long navy coat still give a dose of elegance, which completes this look and makes it perfect for an event.


Nude it with pinks

On of my personal favorites. I’m huge fan of this exact pink shade and I love the way she paired her shoes and bag with tracksuit. Not just any tracksuit, it’s specially designed cashmere sweater and matching pants. I love mix of sporty and chic in one, and it’s in this beautiful pale pink color, so for me, p e r f e c t i o n. I also like the simplicity of it and the most important thing, this outfit is extremely comfortable.


Black n’ White

Probably the most basic outfit out of these all. Black and white is always a winning combination, weather is everyday outfit or a night out one. My theory is when you don’t know what to wear, go for the black and white combo. This outfit is absolutely perfect solution for those days when we want to be casual and comfortable. If you ever get stuck with what to wear on basic day, chose something like this. Simple white Tee, black pants with some black n’ white shoes always make a great combo. Gigi added these blue reflective sunglasses which made this outfit bit more interesting and so basic.


Metalic chic

For those of you who still like something that stands out a bit more, here’s an amazing example. Metallics are really in this season and Gigi definitely knows how to shine! She’s wearing metallic from head to toe, but somehow she manages to look fashionable and not like a disco ball. This outfit good really good comments from fashion stylists saying that’s ‘glamorous and elegant, without being too over the top’. What I love about this look is her hairstyle, I think bangs look adorable on her and especially with this loose waves.


Perfect go-to summer outfit

Probably another one of my favorites, because I love how simple and fashionable this outfit is. Stripped dress paired with some navy colored converse sneakers, together with the cardigan. For Gigi, as you can see in multiple examples, cardigan is the best accessory. Topped with messy bun, this makes perfect easy go-to summer outfit, that’s not only comfortable and casual, it’s also really cute and stylish.


Details, details

Another one of my personal favorites, because of the same reason: simple and stylish. The giraffe print makes these pants bit more interesting and unusual. It’s great example that shows how even smallest detail can make outfit a bit different and unique. Also, one more thing that I’ve noticed is that Gigi loves eyewear. Adding colorful or reflective sunglasses is another small detail that can add a lot to outfit. Keep that in mind! 🙂


White and Yellow

One more example that explains how basic ‘jeans ans white shirt’ outfit can be transformed into something stylish and different just by adding neon colored shoes and fun sunglasses. Basically, not that basic. Be simple with style. 🙂


The wider the better

And to top everything off, for last example I chose something different and maybe it’s not  what you see everyday, but, let’s be honest Gigi really slays in this. In my case this is something that I would really debating if I should wear it, because I’m someone that is scared of what others will say and thing. Honestly, that is worst feeling in the world because you put someone else’s opinion over yours and it really sucks (but that’s not subject of this post). Anyways, I love the cut out bottoms paired with wide sweater. Boots definitely made this outfit popin’ and overall, this is really fun twist on basic white outfit.





  1. This is such a great idea for a post and I will look forward to seeing your upcoming posts in the series 🙂 Gigi was a fab person to start with and I wish I could pull off the looks she wears! x

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  2. I agree! Gigi is such an awesome style inspo! She manages to balance looking classy, edgy, and fresh. She always looks so put together, and differs from mainstream style too. Love this!

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

    Liked by 2 people

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