Rosegal wishlist

Hello everyone! So, for today’s post I have something a bit different. In collaboration with Rosegal, which I’m sure most of you heard of, I’m going to share my favorites from their website and my wishlist. I’ve heard a lot about this website, but I never got chance to order something and test it out. … More Rosegal wishlist

July Favorites

Hello everyone, happy August! Hope all of you are having an amazing day and new fresh start of the month. πŸ™‚ Since August is here, I decided to share with you what I’ve been lovin’ for the past month. Favorites are my favorite type of videos to watch and blog posts to read. But, I … More July Favorites

April Favorites

Long time no see. I’ve truly missed blogging and just me being organized and capable of dealing with my obligations. Anyways, I don’t want to waste time with another apology and explanation, because I’m sure that no one cares. So, for today’s post, which is btw the first favorites post in 2k17, and it’s in … More April Favorites

10 fun facts about me

Hello everyone, how you doin’? It’s been, well, let’s be real, a really long time. I know, but I before I apologize, I just wanna say that school has been sucking the life out of me lately and I simply couldn’t find enough time to post. I dislike unorganized people, but unfortunately sometimes I become … More 10 fun facts about me