July Favorites

Hello August! Can you guys believe that July is already gone? Yep, in less than a month I’m gonna be sitting in school. Summer’s almost over.😦 But, there is still plenty of time to have fun and make memories.🙂 For today’s post, I decided to show you what I’ve been loving for the past month… More July Favorites

Summer Essentials

Hello everybody, it’s summer, finally! So in spirit of it, I decided to do bunch of posts that are going to be related to this beautiful season, that we’ve all been waiting. To start off, my summer series I’m going to share my summer essentials. I think this can really come handy, especially when you’re… More Summer Essentials

Sunday Funday

So, for the first time I’m gonna skip my typical intros where I’m trying to make my excuses look good for lack of posts, I’ll leave that for later.🙂  This post is really special for me, because it wasn’t planed and I really felt inspired by beautiful things around me to write it. I hope… More Sunday Funday

Spring Favorites

Hello everyone! As you can tell by the title, today I’m showing you my spring favs. Bit late, I know, but I do have a really good excuse ( or at least I think so)… I was really busy with school projects and other things and whenever I had time the lightning was awful. Anyways,… More Spring Favorites