Zaful Wishlist

Hello everyone! Today, I have a bit different kind of post, which maybe some of have already seen on my blog. Yep, it’s another wishlist, but this time in collaboration with Zaful.

It’s an online website that offers you a huge variety of clothes, accessories, beauty and home related items. As I noticed, although I never ordered anything from their website, they always have some sales going on. Now you can find many Christmas deals going on. So, you get discount on already cheep prices. Extra cash? Yes, please!

As I mentioned, I don’t have any experience with this website, so I can’t tell you anything about the quality or shipping process and similar. But, still, I thought it would be interesting to share my first impressions.

Website is very easy to use, which I really like, and now here are some of my faves.

So, the first thing that caught my attention was huge variety of different sweaters, tops and sweatshirts. Basically, any model you could ever imagine. I have to admit I got kinda lost, so I gave up on looking all of the pages and possibilities. But, here are some shirts I really liked. And, yes, I’m obsessed with stripes. πŸ™‚ Also, as I mentioned billon times through this post, holiday sales are so make sure to check out Christmas clothing deals if you’re interested.


I noticed they have a huge variety of accessories and the thing I was really exited about is this choker necklace, because I was looking for something similar everywhere and it was impossible to find it.Β  Also, I really like this floral printed bag, which reminds me of spring, even though it’s winter now (lol). Another thing I really liked are phone cases, since I’m sucker for marble. Unfortunately they are for Iphone users only, so I’m unable to get one for myself. 😦 But, I can get some as gifts to my friends since holidays are upon us and the best thing is they are affordable. Check out the Christmas deals 2017 on their website for more affordable items.

The last thing, but definitely not the least, since it’s the most popular thing on the website is this mermaid tail look-alike blanket. I know, it’s weird, I’ve never seen anything similar before either but, to me it looks so cool! I guess it warms you better than regular ones, it’s cute and you get chance to be a mermaid while you’re enjoying in your free time. I mean, how awesome is that?





  1. Love that mermaid tail blanket !!! By the way thank you for your kind comments babe πŸ˜‰

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